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About the ILZ

Welcome to the Interdisciplinary Latin America Centre (ILZ) of the University of Bonn

The Interdisciplinary Latin America Center (ILZ) sees itself as a forum for researchers at the University of Bonn who specialize in Latin America. The interdisciplinary composition of the Centre's members results in a fruitful dialogue between disciplines, which enables the development of research projects concerning Latin America together with Latin American colleagues across disciplinary boundaries.

The tasks of the Centre include the networking of professors working on Latin American issues, the deepening of knowledge about Latin America among students and the interested public, and the promotion of research at the University of Bonn. The aim of the academic debate on Latin America is to promote a deeper understanding of Latin America in its diversity and complexity in Europe.


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Research topics

  • Cultural impulses and dynamics regarding the sustainable use of resources
  • Migration Flows and Policies
  • Urban spaces and social movements
  • National and regional identities / Belonging
  • Democracy and Human Rights in the 21st Century
  • Cultural representation of socio-political conflicts
  • Postcolonial perspectives on historical processes

ILZ Disciplines