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"¿Es este el oro que comes?" Lecture by Dr. Monika Wehrheim at the University of Talca, Chile


Lateinamerika-Reihe Das lebendige Land Lateinamerika


Organization: ILZ, VHS Bonn, Ibero - Club Bonn, Abteilung für Romanistik der Universität Bonn, Abteilung für Altamerikanistik der Universität Bonn

Contact persons: Dr. Antje Gunsenheimer 

Since a couple of years the Interdisciplinary Latin America Center organizes together with the Adult Education Center of Bonn, the Department of the Archaeology of the Americas and the Ibero-Club e.V. series of lectures to social political themes like for example the ongoing aims of sustainability of development of the United Nations (in sum called “SDG’s”). The organizers try to make visible perspectives of Latin America for an audience from Bonn. The theme of the next series of lectures refers with the title Das lebendige Land in Lateinamerika to the aim of sustainability No. 15, which deals with the protection, the recovery and the sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems. However, the protection of the ecosystems is not possible without the consideration of the necessities of the inhabitants. Therefore, the contributions of the series are questioning, which aspects exist during the reaching of the aims and, which approaches of solutions are currently traced.

You find more information about the lecture series here.


Lecture series - winter term 2018

"On the ambivalence of our understanding of sustainability - Latin American perspectives"




Contact persons: Dr. Antje Gunsenheimer, Dr. Monika Wehrheim

Attendance is possible for everybody

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las.americas2019Call for Panels

Future today/yesterday/tomrrow:

Visions of future(s) in the Americas

Zukunftsvision(en) in den Amerikas

Visiones de futuro(s) en las Américas

June 12th - 14th 2019, University of Bonn
A conference of the regional working groups of the German Anthropological Association (GAA).
Throughout human history, our understanding of the future and future-orientated agency have been shaped by culture. The conference Future today / yesterday / tomorrow: Visions of Future(s) in the Americas will open the debate on the topic of "Future" as a field of research in the Humanities and in Cultural Studies. We want to discuss the diverse and complex forms and dimensions of "Future" across space and time in their material and immaterial forms of expression and discursive practices.
Panel proposals by October 10th of 2018 to our e-mail address: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]
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Recent Publications:

Volume 1 y 2 of the scientific book series "Interdisciplinary Studies on Latin America" (ISLA)

Globalisierte Apokalypse Buchdeckel                                                                                                             Border Transgression Buchdeckel


  • 2012 - Die globalisierte Apokalypse aus lateinamerikanischer Perspektive

Antje Gunsenheimer / Monika Wehrheim / Mechthild Albert / Karoline Noack (eds.)

  • Border Transgression- Mobility and Mobization in Crisis

Eva Youkhana (ed.)

  • Narcotráfico y narcocultura en América Latina - Drogenhandel und "Narkokultur" in Lateinamerika

Antje Gunsenheimer / Monika Wehrheim (eds.)

  • El 'otro' héroe en América Latina. Estudios sobre la producción social de memoria al margen del discurso oficial

Antje Gunsenheimer/ Enrique Normando Cruz (eds.)

  • Discursos ambientales en América Latina / Umweltdiskurse in Lateinamerika
Elmar Schmidt / Monika Wehrheim (eds.)

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Lecture series - summer term 2018

Latin America - cultural diversity in urban spaces


Department of Anthropology in the Americas, Oxfordstraße 15

 • Märkte als Ort der kulturellen Vielfalt im vorspanischen Mexiko

Prof Dr. Nikolai Grube

Monday, April 16th, 18.15 pm

• Vom großen Dorf zur Metropole - Stadtentwicklung in Lateinamerika bis zum Ersten Weltkrieg

Prof. Dr. Barbara Potthast

Monday, May 7th, 18.15 pm

• Slums als kulturelle Begegnungsräume in Lateinamerika

Prof. Dr. Eveline Dürr

Monday, May 14th, 18.15 pm

• De los Yungas a las ciudades - Afrobolivianische Perpektiven auf Migration und Urbanität

Moritz Heck

Monday June 4th, 18.15 pm