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About the Interdisciplinary Latin America Center at the University of Bonn (ILZ)

The Interdisciplinary Latin America Center (ILZ) at the University of Bonn works on broadening the knowledge of the environment, history, and the cultures of America with emphasis on the Latin American cultural regions. Particularly the promotion of scientific dialogue, interdisciplinary co-operation and mutual understanding between the cultural groups in America on the one hand and Europe on the other hand is our central focus.

It is a strategic goal of the Interdisciplinary Latin America Center to make a constructive contribution to furthering democratization, improving social justice, and promoting sustainable resource management in Latin America through research and teaching. The Center has chosen to orient itself in this regard for the coming decade to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. In particular, topics for interdisciplinary research at the Center include: ensuring sustainable use of environmental resources, developing a basis for global partnerships in the fight against poverty, supporting higher education as well as contributing to "Good Governance" in Latin American states and societies. Likewise it is a goal of the Center to promote among Europeans an understanding of the historical and cultural conditions that have contributed to modern phenomena in Latin America.