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General information about the Interdisciplinary Latin America Center (ILZ)

The Interdisciplinary Latin America Center (ILZ) of the University of Bonn has set itself the goal of broadening the knowledge of the environment, history and cultures of America with special emphasis on the Latin American linguistic and cultural area. A particular interest is the promotion of scientific dialogue, interdisciplinary cooperation and mutual understanding between the cultural and linguistic groups of America and Europe.

The strategic objective of the ILZ is to contribute constructively, through scientific research and teaching, to the processes of democratization, the improvement of social justice and the sustainable management of resources. To this end, the ILZ is based on the "Millennium Development Goals" of the United Nations.

The objectives of interdisciplinary research will be, above all, to ensure the sustainable management of environmental resources, to contribute to the foundations for the development of global cooperation in the fight against poverty, to promote scientific training and to improve 'good governance' practices in Latin American States and societies. The Interdisciplinary Centre also aims to promote understanding in Europe of the historical and cultural conditions of the subcontinent.