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How to become an ILZ member?


ILZ Membership

We are pleased to welcome new members who are looking for an interdisciplinary exchange and want to work with us on joint research and teaching projects related to Latin America at the University of Bonn. We offer an interdisciplinary network of researchers, who support the search for project partners and who want to initiate innovative research. Membership is free of charge. However, members are expected to work towards common goals, e.g. to advance the planning, implementation and execution of research projects in groups, to organize collaborative simposiums and workshops, and to support interdisciplinary courses (lecture series, seminars and practical classes) and publication projects.

The prerequisite for membership of ILZ is to be a member of the University of Bonn or one of its affiliated research institutions involved in research and teaching focused on Latin America. Interested parties must hold at least a master's degree.

Latin American researchers from other universities and institutions can apply for associate membership if they participate in an ILZ project. Like everyone else, associate members have the right to vote, but are not eligible for a seat on the Board of Directors.

Members have the opportunity to present their projects and publications on the ILZ website and to form project-related working groups through cooperation with other members.


Application for membership

Membership of ILZ can be applied for by means of an informal but justified letter to the ILZ Board of Directors and an attached curriculum vitae in German, English, Spanish or Portuguese.


ILZ General Assembly

At least once a year, ILZ members meet in an open session of the Council. An invitation is sent by e-mail with reasonable notice. All members are also regularly informed about the current activities of ILZ.