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ISLA - Interdisciplinary Studies on Latin America

The publication series "Interdisciplinary Studies on Latin America" (ISLA) deals with current issues concerning Latin American societies. It adresses a broad range of topics and provides critical reflection upon them by taking different cultural, social, natural and legal research perspectives.

Thus not only social movements and changes in Latin America itself are discussed, but also the interrelation and interaction between Europe and Latin America are taken into account. They share a common history of a longlasting and close relationship, which has been characterized by dependency as well as seperation at the same time. Furthermore, the contemplation of current topics concerning Latin America and research upon them takes place always focussing strongly on their colonial and precolonial contexts.

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Editorial team

Prof. Dr. Michael Schulz
Dr. Antje Gunsenheimer
Dr. Monika Wehrheim


The series is published by Bonn University Press as a part of the V&R unipress GmbH publishing house, Göttingen.