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ISLA - publication programme

ISLA – volume 1

2012 – The globalized apocalypse from a Latin American Perspective

Antje Gunsenheimer / Monika Wehrheim / Mechthild Albert / Karoline Noack (eds.)
Date of publication: September 2017

Globalisierte Apokalypse Buchdeckel

In 2012 an apocalypse scenario, supposedly predicted by the Maya Calenders, was dealt with extensively in the media all over the world. What do hieroglypic inscriptions of the Maya actually tell us about such an apocalypse? Which historical context is the European conception of the apocalypse embedded in? These and further questions are answered by this volume from an interdisciplinary perspective. Additionally the contributions of this volume take into consideration ideas about apocalypse scenarios as they are present in selected amerindian societies. Furthermore, also the appearance of the apocalypse as a metaphor in modern mexican literature is dealt with. This first volume of the ISLA publication series is complemented by an interview with Maya expert Nikolai Grube who talks about the impact of the mystic year 2012 on the scientific research on the Maya culture.

All contributions are written in German.

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ISLA - volume 2

Border Transgression: Mobility and Mobilization in Crisis

Eva Youkhana (ed.)
Date of publication: Winter 2017

Border Transgression Buchdeckel 

The volume is a proceeding of the International Conference on „Border Transgressions: Mobility and Mobilization in Crisis”, held in May 7-8 2014, in Bonn University at the Interdisciplinary Latin America Center (ILZ). With an international expert team from Mexico, Ecuador, Switzerland, Spain and Germany it was discussed from an interdisciplinary perspective how notions of belonging are (re)produced and reinforced by the media and how citizenship is enacted by different forms of social, cultural and political mobilizations. In particular, the questions were attended how agency is engendered by the use of media through migrants, how citizens’ participation is connected to socio-material relations and which power asymmetries are reflected within these relations. With the presentation of case studies from European ‘host’ countries different articulations of belonging and ‘acts of citizenship’ were discussed from a translocal and comparative perspective. Additionally, an experimental part of the conference helped to examine which lessons can be learned from methods and concepts in Science and Technology Studies (e.g. from ANT, concepts such as assemblage, enactment) for future research based at the interface between mobility (migration) and social mobilization. 

Contributions in English and Spanish.

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ISLA - volume 3 

Narcotráfico y narcocultura en América Latina -
Drug trafficking  and “narco- culture” in Latin America

Antje Gunsenheimer / Monika Wehrheim (eds.)
Date of publication: Summer 2018

Drug trafficking within and from Latin America implicates more than just trade with illegal goods. Without doubt the activities of 'narcotraficantes' have far-reaching consequences for the governments and societies they live and do buisness in. They pose a threat to civil society while politics and the police seem to be fighting a losing battle or have been bought by the drug cartel itself. In Mexico a whole police unit has changed sides to fight for the infamous drug cartel 'Los Zetas'. In this context political sciences often discuss the concept of 'failed states'. Yet 'narcotráfico' correlates with the emerge of a culture of its own: la narcocultura. This culture on the one hand provides critical reflection upon violence and criminality but on the other hand contributes, in 'narcocorridos' for instance, to an increasing gloryification and heroisation of drug lords.

This volume is based on a lecture series carryied out at the University of Bonn and will illustrate the different aspects of the Latin American drugs issue from an interdisciplinary perspective. Contributions from cultural and literary sciences as well as ethnology and anthropology of the americas, political and social sciences, religious studies, biodiversity research and legal sciences in this volume develop specific research questions, additionally giving an insight in different methods of scientific analysis.

Contributions by: Markus-Michael Müller (FU Berlin), Charlotte Steinweg (Universität Bonn), Clara Omland (ILZ, Universität Bonn), Michael Schulz (ILZ, Universität Bonn), Adrián Herrera Fuentes (Universität Köln), José Luis Rocha (Universität Marburg), Pablo Campos Recalde (Universität Bielefeld), Mark Münzel (Universität Marburg), Eric Javier Bejerano Vargas (Universität Bielefeld), Jasmin Temelli (Universität Düsseldorf).

ISLA - volume 4

El 'otro' héroe en América Latina. Estudios sobre la producción social de memoria al margen del discurso oficial

The 'other' hero in Latin America. Studies about the social production of memory at the margins of the official discourse.

Antje Gunsenheimer / Enrique Normando Cruz (eds.).

Date of publication:  Summer 2018

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ISLA - volume 5

Discursos ambientales en América Latina - Environmental discourses in Latin America

Elmar Schmidt / Monika Wehrheim (eds.).

Date of publication:  Winter 2018