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Manuscript proposals

How can a manuscript be submitted to be published by ISLA

Manuscript proposals for ISLA

Manuscript proposals – i.e. anthologies summing up the results of symposia or conferences, as well as monographs (master, doctoral, postdoctoral theses etc.) for the publication series “Interdisciplinary Studies on Latin America” are most welcome. Thus, before sending your manuscript, please have a look at the following regulations:
The publication series ISLA is concerned with current issues with relation to the societies of Latin America aiming to offer comparisons and analyses also from a supra-regional perspective. All publications should therefore include critical reflection upon current topics from different fields of research. The chosen approach can have its roots in cultural, social, natural or legal sciences and any neighboring sciences.
ISLA emphasizes the examination and analysis of interaction and interrelation between Europe and Latin America throughout a history of long-lasting and close dependency followed by radical separation. Following this line of thought, the contemplation of relationships and developments in the long term should be taken into account.

Technical and legal preconditions

Contributions to the publication series ISLA can be written in German, English, Spanish or Portuguese. Publication will be made available in book form as well as in electronical formats.
The texts proposed to be published by ISLA should be undisclosed and so far unpublished manuscript material. Exceptions from this rule are possible if only a minority of the contributions within an anthology has already been published elsewhere. In these cases author or editor have to discuss why this re-publication is necessary from a scientific point of view.
The manuscript should be submitted in the formats “–.doc” or “-.docx” and has to be orthographically and grammatically correct and free of punctuation errors.
Together with the manuscript we would like to receive a document confirming that a possible publication does not violate the rights of any third parties.
If you are interested in submitting a manuscript proposal, please view our guidelines on form and format of the manuscript.

Evaluation of manuscripts

An advisory board has been selected to view all submitted manuscripts and transmit a written comment to the editors of this publication series, assessing the quality and the passing ability of the manuscript proposal. In case of a positive evaluation, the editors will negotiate all further steps towards a publication of the manuscript with the author.

Costs of printing and publicity

Printing expenses of at least 3.000 € have to be expected. Depending on the number of pages and images within the volume, the final costs may be higher. ISLA can only subsidize, not entirely bear the costs of a manuscript that has been selected.
The publication of volumes of the publication series ISLA will be advertised on the website of the ILZ (Interdisciplinary Latin America Centre) and by the publishing house. Through the members of the advisory board also other universities in Germany, Europe, North and Latin America can be reached. Review copies will be sent to recommended scientific journals and critics by the publishing house, this includes postings to America.

Contact us for submitting your manuscript proposal

If you are interested in publishing your manuscript in the publication series “ISLA - Interdisciplinary Studies on Latin America”, contact the editorial team by e-mail sending a first overview of contents, a book description of 2 pages, as well as some information on the background of the manuscript (degree thesis, anthology, result of a project). All proposals will be treated with the necessary discretion and you will receive an answer after a short period of examination.

Editorial team


Prof. Dr. Michael Schulz (E-Mail: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.])
Dr. Antje Gunsenheimer (E-Mail: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.])
Dr. Monika Wehrheim (E-Mail: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.])