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Current projects

The Research Network for Latin America is a cooperation of historical, ethnological and sociological institutes of the Universities of Cologne, Bielefeld, Bonn and two associate scientists from Münster and Hanover. Funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, scholars of humanities and social sciences investigate in collaborative transdisciplinary projects the concepts of ethnicity, citizenship and belonging. The application of these terms in the scientific and political practice in transregional contexts is analyzed, among others, in the following thematic clusters:

  • Ethnicity, Citizenship and Belonging in political communication
  • The importance of spaciality for the three guiding concepts
  • Interdependence with other categories of difference and identity

The Network’s research has been implemented through regular meetings and workshops. The objective of the interdisciplinary network is the structural strengthening and expansion of the institutional framework of Latin America related research in the field of regional studies, as well as the collective development of innovative methodical and theoretical approaches.

The regional expert network is a competent contact institution for local and foreign academics, development cooperation institutions, politicians and the public in general, offering access to a differentiated expertise in historical and current controversial conflicts in Latin American development cooperation, politics, economy and culture.